Contact the Cystine Determination Lab (see phone and fax here) to request information on how to prepare the sample. The Cystine Lab will provide solutions and instructions on the proper preparation of white blood cells from 5 ml heparinized whole blood drawn in the donor laboratory (WBC Procedure). Although, these materials can be shipped for arrival the next day, a weeks notice is preferred.

The donor lab should have available a refrigerated centrifuge, micropipets, vortex mixer, wet ice and dry ice, and technical staff willing to spend 2 hours on the preparation. For diagnostic samples, a normal control is required.

The white cell pellet is stabilized with regard to cystine content by acidification, frozen and shipped on dry ice to the Cystine Determination Lab together with a requisition form. Our report will be returned within 10 - 14 days.

White Blood Cell Procedure
Request for White Blood Cell Preparation Kits