Suggested Method:
Packaging Example 1Example 2Example 3
Yellow-top (ACD) blood sample tube is placed in insulating, cushioned sleeve within centrifuge tube (shown with purple top in left-most panel) and enclosed in standard 95 kPa sample transport bag (DOT and IATA compliant, e.g. Therapak, via VWR), amongst three (3) freezer gel packs (Sonoco™ FPP15 4.5" x 4" x 1.5", thoroughly frozen [e.g. in freezer overnight] prior to packing), placed in styrofoam box for shipping (suggested size 11-¼" x 9-¼" x 7-½",  Sonoco™ 318). Note: too many freezer gel packs may result in unusable sample due to freezing. Right three panels show preferable packing arrangement: a) 95 kPa sample bag, b) sample bag with bubble wrap between freezer gel packs, c) compartment enclosed with third pack. 

Alternatively, non-reusable, self-cooling shippers can be used. These are expensive if not ordered in bulk; the TranscendRare program, sponsored by Horizon Pharma, supplies this sort of container.